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GreenSol 3Can Bundle

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GreenSol sets the standard for all other greens drinks. Our unique formula combines 11 top superfoods, 10 essential probiotics, and 5 crucial digestive enzymes in one drink, we know you’re going to love.

Unlike other grass-tasting greens drinks, GreenSol tastes good, mixes in an instant, and will help you look and feel your best. In fact, 9 out of 10 “beta” testers said, they prefer this to soda and that they’d drink it for the sheer taste of it, even if it didn’t have any health benefits at all.

Each delicious berry-flavored sip contains high-quality nutrients to help you absorb your food better, experience smooth & normal digestion, and supercharge your metabolism so you can boost your health from the inside out…

  • Kiss bloating goodbye and finally be ‘regular’. Forget the worries and uncomfortable side effects of feeling bloated, stuffed, and constipated after a meal. With one scoop of  GreenSol, that’s all in the past.
  • Cut your gut. Finally kiss stomach bloating goodbye in as little as 7 days without medications, dangerous drugs, or surgery. This unique blend of superfoods turns your metabolism into a calorie-burning machine that sucks your fat cells dry and flattens your belly within weeks.
  • Be filled with long-lasting-energy. Early reviewers are saying they get so much energy from just one scoop of GreenSol that they no longer need a mid-afternoon coffee to combat that 2pm “slump”
  • Fix ‘problem’ areas. Within days you’ll be amazed to discover your clothes fit better, the scale drops, and you can finally see changes when you look in the mirror… even without changing your diet.